Manufactured entirely with Mendoza’s labor


This operation will begin on Saturday, June 29th at 8.00 AM and will end on Sunday, June 30th at noon.

IMPSA, through Transapelt, will move the stage II (convection) of the CH1 crude and vacuum heater manufactured by IMPSA from its Technological Development Center located in Godoy Cruz to YPF refinery in Luján de Cuyo. The finished product is 8 meters high, 5 ½ meters wide and 8 meters long and weighs 110 tons. The entire heater weighs around 270 tons.

Road Closures and Utilities Cut

Since 90% of the overhead grid cables encountered on the way are below the height of the heater to be moved, the applicable teams of people from every utility company and both telephone and Internet services have been arranged to raise or cut the corresponding lines on a temporary basis. Services will be repaired immediately after the passage of the means used to transport oversized loads.

Apart from the companies involved, the traffic police of the Province of Mendoza, the Provincial and National Highway Administration, the National Police, and the Board of Traffic of the towns through which the heater will pass will be part of the operation. They will close roads and block traffic to facilitate passage and logistics along the entire route.

Route for Days 1 & 2

Exti from IMPSA’s facilities through Carril Rodríguez Peña towards the West to the intersection with Route 40.

Way up towards the South. Be careful since the truck will go in the opposite direction up to the bridge of Boedo in Luján de Cuyo, passing through exit roads in the bridges of Rawson and Boedo to avoid them.

Road closures and deviations will be made at bridge Quintana (National Route 40). Road closure at Terrada (Maipú) and Juan José Paso in East-West direction. Route 7 and National Route 40 towards YPF Refinery and High Mountain path. Additional road closure at National Route 40 and Provincial Route 16 (Carrizal) from South to North and at National Route 7 and Provincial Route 84 (YPF Refinery, Luján de Cuyo) from traffic coming from tourist spots, like Potrerillas, High Mountain, and Chile.

Estimated Schedule

From 8.00 AM till noon through the section belonging to Godoy Cruz.

From noon till 6.00 PM from bridge Paso to YPF Red Mercosur (Route 7 and National Route 40).


  • 8 police vehicles and 2 Transapelt guide vehicles.
  • People from the National Police.
  • People from the Board of Traffic of Godoy Cruz and Luján de Cuyo.
  • National and Provincial Highway Administration.
  • Means of transport for oversized loads: 1 main tractor with 12-line wagon, 2 backup tractors, and 1 tractor with hydraulic crane.
  • 2 hydraulic cranes of 20 and 40 tons each for removing posters overhang on the National Route.