With the new shareholding structure, creditors will own 65% of the shares and the Pescarmona family the remaining 35%. The new business name of the Company will be IMPSA.

Buenos Aires, April 2018

As of today IMPSA enters a new phase in its corporate life as the Shareholders’ Meeting has decided on a change in shareholding structure in accordance with the  Out-of-Court Creditors’ Settlement (APE for its acronym in Spanish) by which the company’s debt restructuring was successfully closed,

Now, the world’s leading company in technology for capital goods production for power generation is set to consolidate its position in Argentina and in international markets.

This new cycle began when the Shareholders’ Meeting held in the city of Mendoza agreed to, among other things, a new shareholding structure, the appointment of new directors and trustees, amendments to the Company’s bylaws and a new business name.

Mr. Juan Carlos Fernández, who a few weeks earlier had been appointed as the Company’s CEO, was formally introduced to lead the new phase of the Company, whose business name in accordance with the new bylaws is now IMPSA.

The new Board of Directors will be made up of three members representing the new shareholding structure: Fabián D’Aiello, Diego Grau and Francisco Rubén Valenti. As a result of the decision reached at the Shareholders’ Meeting, 65 percent of IMPSA’s shares were transferred to the trust controlled by the creditors: Banco Nación Argentina, BICE, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), among the main bondholders. The trust controlled by the Pescarmona family makes up the remaining 35 percent.

Also, new loan contracts were signed with the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the Inter-American Development Bank; the instruments of the Company’s new debt were made available to the creditors; a new Auditing Commission was appointed; and the Agreement for Corporate Governance, as laid down by the APE, was signed.

This process has made it possible to reduce a debt of USD 1,108 million to USD 430 million at current value.

During three hard years of debt restructuring, the Company pursued its technological development plans and executed projects in Argentina and abroad. Consolidation of the restructured debt will allow IMPSA to further expand its presence in world markets.

In the last two decades the Company has executed 180 contracts, 150 of which correspond to projects in 34 countries, where its presence has been highly valued. At the local level, opportunities for growth depend to a great extent on the development of infrastructure works, specially for electric power generation.


IMPSA is an Argentine group that provides integrated solutions for hydro, wind and nuclear power generation, and equipment for the process industry.

Staffed with over 800 direct employees, IMPSA has installed more than 50,000 MW in projects in some 40 countries. For over 25 years it has contributed to Argentina’s nuclear energy industry. Steam generators and nuclear components for the Atucha II and Embalse nuclear power plants were manufactured at IMPSA’s plant in Mendoza.