El día 28 de noviem

On November 28th, a Framework Agreement of Technological and Educational Cooperation was entered into by UIM, represented by its President, Mauricio Badaloni; Asociación Civil Filmandes, represented by its President, Marcelo Ortega; and two educational institutions of Mendoza: Fundación Tomás Alva Edison, represented by its President, Graciela Betancourt, and Fundación Antonio Tomba, represented by its President, Marcelo Pierasili.

This Agreement provides for the synergic contribution among the entities involved for the purpose of implementing joint actions designed to spread the provincial industry among Mendoza’s high-school students and to facilitate labor placement. Value generation is the starting point of every social improvement. That is why it is essential to foster an entrepreneurial culture focused in knowledge, work, and innovation.

Through its CEO, Juan Carlos Fernández, IMPSA adhered to the project and commits to establish interactions with students to integrate them into the productive world, to clarify their concerns and to show them productive processes.

As stated by Juan Carlos Fernández, IMPSA’s CEO, IMPSA believes that it is important to share our technologies and experiences with Mendoza’s students so that from their natural curiosity, they can acquire information on new industries operating in our Province that compete abroad successfully” Juan Carlos Fernández, CEO de IMPSA.