ICSA has been awarded the performance of the project called “Detail Engineering and Electrical Assembly, Instrumentation, and Control of Balance of Plant and Generation Workstation” for the new mixed-generation power station that Central Puerto S.A. will install in its plant located in Mendoza.

The construction of such power station, that will produce electrical and thermal energy simultaneously, is part of the Bidding Program for electricity generation conducted by the Secretaryship of Electricity during 2017. Mixed generation has many advantages being one of them the achievement of larger energetic efficiency since it uses both heat and mechanical or electrical energy from a single process, instead of using a conventional electrical power station.

The scope of the supply to be provided by ICSA includes detail engineering and documentation on the construction of auxiliary subsystems, control, and project communications, accounting for around 18,000 hours of engineering. For its execution, interdisciplinary teams have been created gathering ICSA and IMPSA’s expertise.

The contract also includes construction services, assembly, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and assistance for the startup of the subsystems mentioned above. This accounts for over 27,000 working hours considered within the project. The term of execution is of 14 calendar months