IMPSA Expands Presence in Malaysia with New Projects

The Ambassador of Malaysia in Argentina visited IMPSA’s Center of Technological Development. The company, that has built the hydroelectric power station with highest global efficiency in the world, is analyzing new expansion and growth opportunities.

 The Ambassador of Malaysia, Dato´Mohd Khalid Abbasi Abd Razak, visited IMPSA’s Center of Technological Development together with the Minister San Mugan Subramaniam in order to analyze with company officers a strategic alliance that includes new business opportunities and technological exchange regarding energy generation.

They visited the company’s widely-recognized production plants, the engineering department and the hydraulic laboratory. They also became aware of latest developments regarding artificial intelligence applied to the industry and could watch the Kaplan turbine used to power the Yaciretá Hydroelectric Power Station. One of the most important parts of the visit was when they could see advanced stages of the manufacturing process of the First Modular Nuclear Reactor manufactured in Argentina to produce energy.

IMPSA has been present in Malaysia since 1989. The company was a key player in the emblematic Bakún project, the hydroelectric power station with highest global efficiency in the world that was designed and manufactured by the Argentinean company. Additionally, IMPSA was in charge of the upgrading and new hydraulic and mechanical design of the Tenom Pangi Hydroelectric Power Station. The company has been leader in the provision of port cranes for several years and established its production center in the Asian country.

Regarding the visit, Juan Carlos Fernández, IMPSA’s CEO, stated, “IMPSA’s businesses are mainly based on the international market, especially in the Asian Southeast. If we keep strengthening our commercial relations with Malaysia, there will be new business opportunities not only for us but also for the different small and medium-sized companies of the province and Argentina, since labor will increase and this will impact the local and national economy”.

With 111 years of experience and over 50,000 MW of installed power in the world, IMPSA has developed state-of-the-art technology with high added value for the sustainable production of electricity. Nowadays, the company is executing projects in Argentina and many other countries, including the most efficient Kaplan turbine of the world for the Yaciretá Power Station, hydroelectric power stations for Brazil and Paraguay and the manufacture of the first Argentinean Nuclear Reactor for energy generation and a crude and vacuum furnace for the production of fuel at Destilería Luján de Cuyo (YPF).