Wind Generators

Wind generators with UNIPOWER® technology are synchronous permanent-magnet equipment with turbine coupled directly into the generator, which prevents the use of a gear box, a complex key element present in asynchronous generators. This enables to increase the efficiency and reliability of wind generators.


The UNIPOWER electrical generator entails a synchronous design excited through permanent magnets driven directly from the turbine (without gear box). Thus, it has variable rotation speed. Electrical parameters, of variable speed also, are converted in to the grid parameters using an IGRT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) converter. Its mechanical design integrates turbine vanes (blades) into the rotor of the generator. The rotor, upon which the poles are mounted, is located outside the stator.


The nacelle is the structure that supports the connection interface between the rotor and the mast. It accommodates the equipment required to control the generator and to align the rotor with wind direction.



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