The most powerful Kaplan Turbine in the world - Discovery Documentary Excerpt
IMPSA in "Future Challenges" - Discovery Documentary Excerpt
BID Headquarters 2018 - Published by the Government of Mendoza



United Nations Global Pact

Since 2004, IMPSA has been a member of the Global Compact and supports the ten principles of the Covenant regarding Human Rights, Labor, Environmental Protection and the Fight against Corruption.


First Conference on Hydroelectric Power Stations in Argentina

Mendoza, June, 2018. The first Conference on Hydraulic Generation Technology was held in Mendoza from June 13th until June 15th. It was organized by IMPSA and lectured by several specialists from the company. The target audience included personnel devoted to the...


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Intensive use of Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to simulate biological processes to solve complex selection problems and to harmonize conflicting factors while helping to quickly find optimal solutions from the customer’s perception...

Internships for Students

by IMPSA | Apr 26, 2018 | news | 0 comments Would you like to do your internship at IMPSA? Check our LinkedIn site for current opportunities. Read more...