IMPSA is closely related to the communities where it works and is committed to promoting and bringing comprehensive and sustainable solutions to the entire world, developing clean energy generation projects, such as hydroelectric and wind, as well as generating various actions aimed at the community.

In the period 2020 IMPSA continued with 100% visits to its Technological Development Center through the virtual modality.

Visitors include teachers and students from technical schools and universities, the families of employees and representatives from different institutions.


 IMPSA carries out activities open to the community in alliance with Universities and Technological Institutions aimed at professionals, teachers and advanced students of Engineering and related careers and personnel of public entities in these areas. Some of IMPSA’s holdings during 2020:

• Opportunities for innovation in times of crisis – IMPSA and FUNC talk.

• Seminar on Artificial Intelligence Applied to Electric Power Generation (in conjunction with AGEERA)

• Mendoza TEC 2020 Forum.

• Workshop “Product development within the framework of digital transformation” organized by ARES Argentina, INTI and the Government of Mendoza.

• Participation of our CEO in the meeting “Leadership challenges in times of vulnerability”, organized by the University of Mendoza.

• COINI 2020 – “Vision of the future of technology companies, new challenges and products. Engineer’s profile for the new scenario”.

• Webinar “Wind Energy and the Argentine Industry” organized by the Argentine Wind Energy Association.

• Talk “The use of water in companies” for students of the Franciscan Educational Center – San Buenaventura.

• Talk open to the public “Global energy matrix: present and future”.

• Mendoza Engineering Conference. “Hydraulic studies for the new blades of the Yacyretá runner”.

• VIII Technological Forum “Engineering and its link with society”.

• Virtual Seminar I4.0 Mendoza & Bayern: Digital transformation for the industry with impact.

• Mendoza 2020 Engineering and Technology Conferences.

• Talk “Industrial Maintenance” for students from the Mendoza Technicians School.