Center of Technological Research (CIT in Spanish)

The Center of Technological Research (CIT in Spanish) located in Mendoza, Argentina, has the experts, facilities, laboratories and equipment required to provide state-of-the-art technology in broad files of engineering but focused in renewable energies. Its equipment meets the strictest requirements of applicable international standards.

The CIT conducts different R&D programs within the following fields: hydraulics, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, structural analysis, mechanics, machines, electricity, electrical systems, isolating systems, tribology, heat transmission, mechatronics, robotics, automation, and control, including the use of artificial intelligence in many developments.

The Laboratory of Hydraulic Machines has two testing banks where machine and hydraulic equipment models are tested.

Universal banks are used to measure power, efficiency, behavior under cavitation, pressure pulses, triggering speeds, and hydraulic loads on stationary and rotating parts in scale-manufactured models. Parameters obtained are transferred to a real machine using geometric and hydraulic similarity laws on which these studies are based. In consequence, performance guarantees granted to our customers can be verified and the performance of units can be anticipated with a high level of reliability.