More Innovation, Development, and Employment for Mendoza

Mendoza, October 2nd, 2018. A Technological Cooperation Agreement has been entered into today among the Government of Mendoza, represented by Martín Kerchner Tomba, Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy; UNCuyo, represented by Daniel Pizzi, its Rector; INTI,...

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New Mixed-generation Power Station

ICSA has been awarded the performance of the project called “Detail Engineering and Electrical Assembly, Instrumentation, and Control of Balance of Plant and Generation Workstation” for the new mixed-generation power station that Central Puerto S.A. will install in...

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Availability of new units – Arauco IV

The first two wind-powered generators of the machine were designed and manufactured at the facilities located in Mendoza and are already assembled in Parque Eólico Araujo, in La Rioja. They are achieving availability higher than 99.0%. This value exceeds...

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Movement of large oil equipment

The movement of twelve oil equipment (engine-driven compressors) from Terminal Zárate, in Buenos Aires, to the Free Trade Zone, in Mendoza, was successfully completed. This operation, in charge of Transapelt, was performed for Comexar Shipping, being Compressco the...

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Transapelt’s Significant Move

During May and July, TRANSAPELT S.A. get involved, together with COAMTRA AND VERNAZZA transportation companies, in a large operation that entailed moving 8 bundles of boilers for SIEMENS. They covered about 2,445 km from the Zárate port to the city of Warnes, in Santa...

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Extension of Solar Photovoltaic Power Station San Juan I

Mendoza, July 20th, 2018. On Monday 16th of this month, the extension of the Solar Photovoltaic Power Station San Juan I, located in the Department of Ullum, 30 kilometers to the north of the City of San Juan, was officially inaugurated. The inaugural ribbon was cut...

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