IMPSA has an area specialized in the manufacture of mechanical and electrical components for wind turbines, as well as the design and manufacture of transport/assembly devices, and assistance in the repair of electrical power and control panels.

IMPSA’s industrial capabilities for the wind energy sector include the following:

– Production of stator plates using presses and dies for stamping.

– Integral manufacturing of stator coils and their varnishing.

– Stator assembly: stacking, winding and interconnection.

– Impregnation of stators by VPI process.

– Stator drying (prior to impregnation) and resin curing (after the impregnation process), respecting a specific temperature curve, by means of a dual oven (electric and gas).

– Manufacture of rotor poles, either with permanent magnet technology or windings.

– Generator assembly: stator-rotor-shaft and assembly of large bearings.

– Nacelle assembly: frames, gearboxes, generator and control boards.

– Assembly of rotors and hubs: pitch systems, bearings, supports and control boards.

– Wind turbine test bench in vacuum and functional nacelles. Integral mechanical and electrical assembly.

– Boiler making, Machining and Surface Protection (painting) processes for the repair of large components.

– Non Destructive Testing (NDT) at the factory or at the wind farm for part diagnosis.

IMPSA in "Future Challenges" - Discovery Documentary Excerpt UNIPOWER wind turbine Replacement in the CNE, of the Steam Generators manufactured by IMPSA - Video prepared by Nucleoeléctrica Argentina