For IMPSA, the most valuable resource is the people who compose it, the interdisciplinary team that every day achieves excellence in the development of technological innovations and in the realization of projects. That is why when we speak of Social Responsibility we believe that responsibility towards our people is fundamental. We are convinced that a company committed to the society in which it is immersed must prioritize the well-being of its employees and the balance of their social and work life. We bet on professional development and permanent training for higher quality and excellent technology.


At IMPSA we respect and preserve the duties and rights of all our workers. We take special care that there are no differences between men and women since they all have the same possibilities of accessing positions based on their training and performance.


At IMPSA we assume the commitment to contribute to the professional training and specialization of our collaborators, providing them with tools of excellence to optimize competitiveness worldwide. We promote knowledge management through a viable training program.


Through our Professionalizing Internship Program, we maintain our commitment to future generations of young professionals of various technical degrees, undergraduate degrees and specialties.