Integrity Program

IMPSA has implemented an Integrity Program whose main objectives are to minimize risks and to promote a culture of ethical conduct and transparency in the belief that the effective participation and responsibility of each employee in the workplace are crucial to building a strong ethical culture.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct, together with all associated policies and procedures, sets out the standards of behavior that are to guide all employees in the performance of their daily activities and the Company’s managers in making strategic decisions within the framework of IMPSA’s Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives.

IMPSA also expects that during their commercial relation, suppliers maintain high ethical standards and adhere to the principles set forth by the initiative of the United Nations Global Pact and the rules provided by the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Complaints hotline for reporting irregularities

We have internal channels for reporting irregularities and we have hired the services of a third party to receive complaints during 24 hours, in anonymous and confidential manner, for any possible violation of our Code of Ethics and Conduct or the law. These reports can be made to the Compliance Management by means of an email to or by phone at + 54-0261-413-1341, or anonymously by email to , to the website, or by telephone to the following numbers:

  • Argentina: 0-800-999-4636
  • Chile: 800-835-133
  • Colombia: 01-800-752-2222
  • Costa Rica: 0-800-054-1046
  • Ecuador: 1-800-00031
  • United States: 1-800-921-2240
  • Virgin Islands: 1-855-861-9069
  • Mexico: 01-800-1233312
  • Panama: 011-00800-052-1375
  • Peru: 0-800-00932
  • Puerto Rico: 1-855-7619289
  • Uruguay: 000-4052-10128
  • Venezuela: 0-800-162-7357