Large Structures

Manufacture of large structures involves the following processes: tracing and cutting, structure and welding, rolling and pressing, heat treatment, grinding, fitting and assembly, and sand- blasting and painting.

  • Tracing and cutting with numerical control systems for maximum thicknesses of 300 mm for carbon steel and of 80 mm for stainless steel.
  • Assembly, welding and grinding. Heavy lifting capacity with a 35-meter gauge 250-ton bridge crane.
  • Sand-blasting and painting. The sand-blasting area is 22 mm long, 12 mm wide and 8 mm high.
  • Heat treatment in two 7x7x15 m furnaces.
  • A 1,000 t press with a 4×2 m wide table and a gantry system for handling of parts.
  • A 4 m wide four-roll plate rolling machine capable of rolling thicknesses of more than 100 mm.


IMPSA in "Future Challenges" - Discovery Documentary Excerpt UNIPOWER wind turbine Replacement in the CNE, of the Steam Generators manufactured by IMPSA - Video prepared by Nucleoeléctrica Argentina