63.7% of IMPSA’s shares are owned by the Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Productivo (FONDEP), a fund controlled by the Argentine Federal Government, while 21.2% of IMPSA’s shares are owned by the Province of Mendoza.


The remaining percentage of its capital stock (15.1%) is privately held: 9.8% is held by an equity fund controlled by the Company’s creditors and 5.3% is held by an equity trust controlled by IMPSA’s original founding shareholders.



Class of shares A

Pablo Armando Portuso

Sebastián Córdova Moyano

Class of shares B

Jaime Alberto Aguiló

Class of shares C

Marcelo Fabián Kloster

María de los Ángeles Apólito

Mario Croce



Gonzalo Guilardes Deinert

General Management – ICSA

Guillermo Martín

General Management – Transapelt

Tomás Roby



Class of shares A

Cecilia Da Dalt

Class of shares B

Jorge Aldo Perone

Class of shares C

Vivian Stenghele

Carlos Alberto De Carli Merep

Emilio Mario Bertolini