Synchronous Generators

IMPSA’s sector responsible for manufacturing the active components of synchronous generators carries out the following operations: die cutting, deburring and varnishing of magnetic core sheets, rotor rims and poles, as well as the stacking, fitting and winding of complete stators (in parts or in one piece), and the integrated manufacture of induction poles (including pole coils).

The activities performed by this sector include:

  • Fabrication of pole, rotor and stator cores
  • Fabrication, assembly and repair of pole coils and full stator winding
  • Die cutting and varnishing of stator segments, and die cutting of pole and rotor segments
  • Wedging and winding ends lashing, and stator winding bars
  • Dimensional tests and controls, alignment, run out, vibration and balancing analysis, etc.
  • Electrical tests, capability curve testing and evaluation, tan delta and partial discharge monitoring
IMPSA in "Future Challenges" - Discovery Documentary Excerpt UNIPOWER wind turbine Replacement in the CNE, of the Steam Generators manufactured by IMPSA - Video prepared by Nucleoeléctrica Argentina