The technological company shipped the last of the three Kaplan runners of 102.3 MW to the Colíder Hydroelectric Power Station.

With total power capacity of 306.9 MW, the Brazilian power station will supply energy to 850,000 people.

 Mendoza, July 24th, 2018. IMPSA has shipped the last of the three Kaplan turbine runners of 102.3 MW from its Production Center located in Mendoza to the Colíder Hydroelectric Power Station located in Brazil. The hydraulic design of the runner was conducted at IMPSA’s Center of Technological Research and has 7.8 meters of diameter and weighs about 172 tons. This equipment is part of a project that amounts to USD 718M.

The Colíder hydroelectric Project is located to the north of Mato Grosso, 700 km away from the City of Cuiabá, on the Teles Pires river. Its power capacity will be of 306.9 MW and will produce sufficient energy to supply 850,000 people.

The scope of the supply includes the design and provision of turbines, generators and other electromechanical equipment under turnkey conditions, i.e., delivering the power station under operating conditions. Juan Carlos Fernández, IMPSA’s CEO, states, “This significant operation enables IMPSA to continue reinforcing its presence in the international market of capital goods with high technological content.”

In consequence, IMPSA consolidates its status as world leader in the development and export of state-of-the-art technology for large energy projects. This shipment adds up to the supply for the rehabilitation of Acaray Hydroelectric Power Station in Paraguay, the rehabilitation and repowering of Tenom Pangi Hydroelectric Power Station in Malaysia, the contract of supply for the replacement of two turbines for the Yaciretá Hydroelectric Power Station, the execution of two turbines for Tocoma (largest Kaplan turbines in the world) in Venezuela, and its experience in over forty countries.



With 111 years of experience and over 50,000 MW of installed capacity in the world, IMPSA has developed state-of-the-art technology that has positioned the company as global leader in the market, being the only company in the American continent that owns proprietary technology for hydroelectric power stations. Throughout the last 20 years, 150 projects out of 180 were developed by the company for international markets.