The system under development called “AI – Smart Plant Maintenance” was launched at the International Conference on Hydraulic Generation Technology held in June this year in the City of Mendoza.

 High electricity production levels required nowadays demand the implementation of maintenance systems that maximize production efficiency.

By leveraging IMPSA’s experience in the design, assembly, and operation of hydromechanical equipment, a Predictive and Preventive Maintenance System based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being developed. This system will enable to maximize hydroelectric power stations energy production levels.

 Main advantages:

  • Work on prevention to avoid damages and reduce costs.
  • Generate reliable information of real-time fault indicators.
  • Preserve the condition of assets maximizing operating units availability and their subsequent energy output.
  • Minimize scheduled out-of-service times and optimize the use of human resources, supplies, and spare parts.
  • Predict potential failures using different Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

The new product is based on ISO 14224 standards.