This is the first out of 20 turbines that should be replaced at Yacyretá Hydroelectric Power Station. It was designed and manufactured by IMPSA in Mendoza and will supply electricity to 270 000 families. It will be moved in 10 trucks during 15 days.

IMPSA, through its company Transapelt, will transport and deliver the Kaplan Turbine from the Technological Development Center located in Godoy Cruz, Province of Mendoza, to Yaciretá Hydroelectric Power Station, in Ituzaingó, Province of Corrientes.

This operation will begin on October 5th at 7.00 am and will last 15 days, since it is an oversized and huge load that must be transported at daylight. It will travel across the provinces of Mendoza, San Luis, La Rioja, Catamarca, Santiago del Estero, Chaco and Corrientes.

The upgrading of the Yacyretá Binational Hydroelectric Dam will begin with this turbine. The 20 turbines that are part of the power station must be replaced due to failures in the original design performed by the German supplier. IMPSA, together with CIE from Paraguay, is in charge of designing and manufacturing the first six replacement turbines.

The turbine was designed using state-of-the-art technology and Artificial Intelligence programs developed by IMPSA’s engineers, which results in more efficient models that will supply more energy with the same amount of water. Besides, they are cheaper than their European counterparts.

Turbine Specifications

  • Power: 155 MW
  • It generates renewable energy that contributes to the development of countries.
  • 100% Argentine labor and site assembly together with CIE from Paraguay.
  • 50 engineers, 100 technicians, and 250 operators worked in Mendoza.
  • It demanded over 80 000 man hours including hydraulic design, model testing, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, management, assembly supervision and start-up activities.
  • Dimensions: 5 and a half meters high; 9.5 meters of diameter and 250 tons. 

Details of the Operation:

Diversions and some road closures will occur along the journey.

Exit from IMPSA to the East through Carril Rodríguez Peña. Carril Urquiza, Coquimbito, Maipú (Provincial Route #5). Provincial Route #60 to Provincial Route #41 (Carril Chimbas, Barreal, Palmira). National Route #7 to Las Catitas. Provincial Route #153 to Monte Comán (San Rafael). National Route #146 to San Luis.

Special logistic activities will be carried out in coordination with the National Police and the National Traffic Board (Chaco delegation) at the junction of Puente General Belgrano, which is 3 kilometers long and joins the provinces of Resistencia and Corrientes.

  • Transport means for oversized loads: one main tractor with 20-line (42 meters long) wagon and one support truck.
  • 1 hydraulic crane to remove overhang posters.
  • 2 guide vehicles supplied by Transapelt.
  • Special traffic authorizations issued by the National Traffic Board, the Traffic Board of the Province of Mendoza and the Provincial Traffic Committee of Santiago del Estero.
  • The load will travel together with the Traffic Police of Mendoza across Mendoza provincial routes.
  • Logistic coordination arranged with the National Police at the junction of Puente General Belgrano that joins Resistencia (Chaco) and Corrientes.
  • Logistic coordination arranged with toll stations and Road Police of the provinces involved.