This week, one of the turbines rehabilitated by IMPSA for the Yacyretá Hydroelectric Power Plant was successfully lowered, a key milestone within the strategic program for the recovery of the generating equipment of the plant.

This is the Generating Unit 4 (UG4) of the power plant, the third of the six units that IMPSA is developing for the Yacyretá Binational Entity (EBY), a dam that supplies electricity to 50% of the Argentine households.

The lowering work involved a team of approximately 30 people, who carried to its final working position the critical components of the rehabilitated turbine, consisting of the turbine runner, its shaft and its internal cover, with a total weight of 590 tons. The operation was carried out jointly with CIE of Paraguay, a member of the Consortium with IMPSA, while members of the Maintenance Department of Yacyretá’s Technical Department, of the School of Engineering of the National University of Misiones and of the School of Engineering of the University of Itapúa, Paraguay, worked in the logistics.

In this third unit, IMPSA was not only in charge of the complete manufacturing of the turbine’s runner, which is the most important part to transform the water force into rotation of the machine, but it will also be in charge of the complete rehabilitation of its Electric Generator. The joint rehabilitation will extend the useful life of the generating units for 30 years.