The first Argentinean nuclear reactor for energy generation is launched at the symposium organized jointly by the National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA, in Spanish) and the Latin American Section of The American Nuclear Society and the Association of Nuclear Technology of Argentina

(Buenos Aires, July, 2019) IMPSA, a company devoted to the manufacture and supply of equipment for the nuclear industry for 40 years, will participate in the LAS/ANS Symposium 2019 organized by the CNEA, commission responsible for the design of the CAREM reactor, the components of which were manufactured entirely by IMPSA. Both the advances and advantages of this fully-Argentinean reactor will be presented to companies, specialists, scientists and technicians from Argentina, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

This is a brand-new generation of nuclear reactors led by Argentina at world level. These reactors can deliver electricity at lower costs with minimum risks. The design, engineering, and manufacture of components required by the nuclear industry are highly complex. It takes years to develop the expertise required in the sector and to meet the strictest international standards that govern this kind of projects.

IMPSA was responsible for the structural design and manufacture of the Argentinean nuclear reactor. It is the only Argentinean company holding ASME N certification experienced in the design and manufacture of Class 1 nuclear components. It also has a Technological Development Center that accommodates one of the largest and most modern Nuclear Rooms in the world. Besides, the company has created an interdisciplinary team consisting of over 100 technicians and engineers specialized in the design and manufacture of nuclear components. State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence tools developed by IMPSA were applied to the structural design process.

Juan Carlos Fernández, IMPSA’s CEO, states, “Projects like CAREM contribute to Argentina’s ongoing high development in the field of nuclear energy providing labor opportunities with high-added value.”

The last nuclear energy project carried out by the company was the manufacture of four steam generators to extend Embalse Río Tercero Nuclear Power Station service life 30 years.