The company signed an agreement with the Argentine Army to be a supplier in the modernization project of the Argentine Medium Tank (TAM) 2C, the main and most powerful armored vehicle in the country. Through this alliance, IMPSA will carry out part of the manufacture and modernization of turrets for a certain number of tanks, and is committed to continue supplying the Army with spare parts for the TAM.

After the signing of the agreement, authorities from the Ministry of Defense visited IMPSA’s Technological Development Center. Roberto Adaro, Undersecretary of Scientific Research and Industrial Policy for the Defense of the Ministry of Defense; General Patricio Salazar, General Director of Research and Development of the Argentine Army and responsible for the TAM 2C Project at this stage; Martín Novella, National Director of Industrial Policy for the Defense; and Lieutenant Colonel Peleitay Pinto, Head of the TAM 2C Project, participated in the visit.