IMPSA will be supplier of heavy equipment as part of the project that YPF is carrying out for the expansion and modernization of the Luján de Cuyo Refinery.

IMPSA will manufacture a hydrodesulfurization reactor and 3 process furnaces for the HDS 3 (new) and HDS 1 (in service) plants. The reactor, which weighs 411 tons and is more than 36 meters long, is one of the heaviest and most complex pieces of equipment in the oil refining industry, and will produce a final product with sulfur below 10 ppm (parts per million). The process will result in a cleaner and better quality fuel, which will reduce the emissions generated by vehicles, using the new fuel and provide longer engine life. Two of the furnaces are made of stainless steel pipes, and the remaining one, of chrome molybdenum pipes and weigh between 157 tn and 181 tn.