IMPSA hosted a new edition of the LATAM-Japan Hydrogen Workshop 2023, led by IEEJ (Institute of Energy Economics) of Japan, for which a delegation of experts from that country traveled together with officials and representatives of different companies from Chile.

In addition to our specialists, provincial and national officials, representatives of ANRE (Agency for Natural Resources and Energy) of Japan; IEEJ (Institute of Energy Economics) of Japan; JBIC (Japan Bank for International Cooperation); Chiyoda Corporation; Yamanashi Hydrogen Company; the Foreign Ministry; the Embassy of Japan; EMESA (Empresa Mendocina de Energía); INTI (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial); EPSE (Energía Provincial Sociedad del Estado); InvestChile; YPF and Y-TEC participated.

The result was a productive exchange among the participants about the state of hydrogen technology, the country’s capabilities to develop and promote this industry.

Hydrogen is considered a transitional energy vector and for many is one of the fuels of the future. With great potential and much to be developed, it will play a fundamental role in the energy matrix of the coming years.