Argentina’s President visited IMPSA’s Center of Technological Development. In this Center, the company finished the design and manufacture of the 200th turbine and is developing the CAREM nuclear reactor.

IMPSA, leading company in the international market of energy generation, was visited by Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s President, at its Center of Technological Development located in the Province of Mendoza. At this center, IMPSA is manufacturing its 200th turbine, the most efficient one in the world that will be used in YACIRETÁ Hydroelectric Power Station.

85% of the 200 turbines manufactured by the company was delivered to international markets, thereby increasing its presence in over 20 countries and strengthening its position as one of the main players of the sector.

During his visit, Mauricio Macri, who was accompanied by Alfredo Cornejo, Governor of the Province, stated, “We are very proud that an Argentinean company is widely recognized for its talent and innovation skills. When we emphasize on the importance of exporting added value, we make reference to this kind of news that promote local employment and contribute to the growth of both the country and the industry.”

Juan Carlos Fernández, IMPSA’s CEO, stated: “The production of one turbine requires the labor of over 100 small and medium-sized companies, 150 engineers, 200 technicians and 400 workers. This Argentinean talent is exported to the world, creates added value and positions the national industry with the highest standards at world level. Throughout our 112 years of experience, we have installed over 50,000 MW, i.e. electricity for 56 million people.”

Macri could also witness the manufacturing process of CAREM components. CAREM is the first Argentinean modular reactor, a brand-new generation of nuclear reactors led by IMPSA at world level. These reactors can deliver energy at lower costs. As described by Fernández, “We are the only Argentinean company with experience and ASME N certification for the design and manufacture of Class 1 nuclear components. Our plant is one of the most modern plants existing in the world. It employs an interdisciplinary team consisting of over 100 technicians and engineers specialized in the design and manufacture of nuclear components.”

With respect to IMPSA’s present, the company will supply electromechanical equipment to El Tambolar, a project to be developed in San Juan that will deliver energy to over 100,000 locals. During the first semester this year, the company confirmed its return to the Oil & Gas sector with the manufacture of a heater for YPF and participated in the opening of the Embalse Río Tercero Nuclear Power Station. For this station, the company manufactured and supplied four steam generators that will extend its service life 30 years.