The Municipality of Godoy Cruz -through its Mayor Lic. Tadeo García Zalazar- and IMPSA, represented by its CEO, Ing. Juan Carlos Fernández, today renewed their commitment to training in trades and new ventures in IMPSA facilities in where the Business Incubator and the Trade School of Godoy Cruz work. There, 200 students are trained each year with access to free welding, computer, textile and refrigeration courses. This contributes to local development, through the generation of new ventures that strengthen the productive fabric of the department.

“Today, from IMPSA, we revalidate a commitment that the company made many years ago. It is a commitment to our people and our neighbors. And of a shared work with the department that we inhabit and in which we create value every day. We understand that betting on human capital is the best investment that a society can make. We are convinced that both the Trade School and the Business Incubator generate new jobs and development opportunities for many men and women of Mendoza. IMPSA is proud to support together with the municipality all those who want to access to the training that allows them to grow, develop skills and be part of the production and industry for the development of the province ”, said Juan Carlos Fernández, CEO of IMPSA.

The Mayor of Godoy Cruz, Lic. Tadeo García Zalazar, expressed: “We reaffirm our commitment with IMPSA to continue working together in the Business Incubator and the Trade School of the Municipality of Godoy Cruz. We continue to seek to improve the employability conditions for the people of Godoy Cruz, provide better training and job opportunities to those who need it”.