IMPSA and TRANSAPELT ‘s Fired Heater Move Campaign in Mendoza

IMPSA, with the support of Transapelt, transported and delivered a piece of a crude fired heater from IMPSA’s Technologica Development Center in Godoy Cruz to YPF Refinery, in Luján de Cuyo.

This operation began on May 4th at 8 am and ended on Monday 6th in the afternoon. It is one of the main components of a crude fired heater manufactured in Mendoza by 136 people. It is 22 m long and has 9 m of diameter. It weights 94 tons. The entire fired heater weights around 270 tons.

About the Fired Heater

The CH1 fired heater manufactured by IMPSA for the crude and vacuum unit is one of the several processing equipment present in the Refinery. Crude oil reaching the fields enters this heater. Its main function is to heat crude oil at very high temperatures of 380º to 400º C to achieve the evaporation of a large part of it, which is a condition to separate the different fractions that will later undergo other refining processes within the same industrial plant until obtaining the different fuels used in vehicles, heaters and planes, among other domestic or industrial applications.


Due to the fact that 90% of the grid cables arranged through the route were hanging below the height of the furnace moved, teams from the companies that provide electricity, telephone and Internet services had to rise or cut such lines temporarily to facilitate the move of the heater.

This was a historic operation for Mendoza which involved not only the companies mentioned above but also traffic control officers from the Province of Mendoza, National Police officers and Traffic Board officers from the different municipalities. They helped to close roads and interrupt traffic to facilitate the move and logistics aspects along the entire distance.