The Argentinean technological company will show the innovative application of artificial neuronal networks to the structural design of nuclear reactors at the ASME 2019 PVP International Conference that gathers experts from several industries, academic people, laboratories and businessmen in Texas.

The Argentinean company IMPSA has over 40 years’ experience in nuclear energy and is one of the three Latin American companies with ASME N certification for the manufacture of nuclear components and the only certified company with proprietary design. Now, IMPSA has been invited to one of the most prestigious international technical forums on June 14th to 19th in Texas, USA. This conference gathers a wide variety of leading industries from the Oil & Gas, Energy, Petrochemical and Nuclear sectors.

Nowadays, IMPSA is involved in the structural design and manufacture of the first nuclear reactor for energy generation (CAREM) using 100% of Argentinean technology. This is a brand-new generation of small modular nuclear reactors (SMR) led by Argentina at world level. These reactors deliver electricity at lower costs with minimum risks. The Argentinean company developed a calculation methodology based on Artificial Neuronal Networks. A database with a large number of cases representing operating conditions of reactors was created. Based on it, an artificial neuronal network was developed and trained and turned into a new software that is now being produced for the structural verification of nuclear components.

With respect to technological advances in the nuclear sector conducted by the company, Juan Carlos Fernández, its CEO, stated: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a huge potential. We have a team of professionals specialized in the field who support the development and design of products for several industries. IMPSA is taking a quantum leap forward in world state-of-the-art technologies.”

The research and testing of this new AI program that IMPSA will show in USA next week was developed at the Center of Technological Development owned by the company and located in Mendoza. It employs an interdisciplinary team made up of over 100 technicians, engineers, and PhD holders. The company also has one of the largest and most modern Nuclear Rooms in the world that enables to reach optimum and critical conditions to perform special alloy welding observing nuclear manufacture codes.