This morning the opening of envelope No. 1 was carried out for the work of the hydroelectric dam, which represents a significant event for the province of Mendoza and for the entire country in terms of long-term energy policy.

(Mendoza, July 3rd, 2020). IMPSA, world leader in equipment for power generation, associated with the Mendoza construction companies CEOSA and OASA, and the multinational companies Sinohydro and CGGC, presented their offer for the construction of the hydroelectric dam Portezuelo del Viento.

This morning the opening of the Stage I – Bidder Qualification took place.

The companies that conform the TUC designed a scheme that allowed them to present an offer with more than 80% local content. Subcontracts were signed with more than 50 SMEs from Mendoza, and the incorporation of more local companies is expected throughout the construction of the dam, through four concentric subcontracting rings, generating jobs for more than 20,000 people and broad integration from local industry and services.

Regarding the experience of the companies, IMPSA is one of the most important global companies in technology for the design and manufacture of large turbines, generators and hydro-electromechanical equipment for hydroelectric power plants. For their part, CEOSA and OASA provide local knowledge and experience for civil construction, routes, transmission lines and substations, while the multinationals Sinohydro and CGGC have vast experience in the design and construction of state-of-the-art dams such as those required in the Tender Document using the Rolled Compacted Concrete (RCC) method.

The consortium worked for ten months in preparing its bid. One hundred people participated, with an investment of more than US $ 2 million. The limitations of the pandemic, that affected Asia and later the West, did not prevent the preparation not only of the Basic and Alternative Mandatory offers indicated in the Bidding Terms, but also the generation of six Variants, meeting the deadlines and requirements demanded. At the same time, the offer considers the strictest environmental and safety requirements for this type of power station, as well as the social aspects involved in the relocation of Las Loicas Village.

The work in numbers

  • The construction of Portezuelo del Viento implies an investment of US $ 1,023 million, a budget stemming from a claim filed by Mendoza against the Nation.
  • It will generate 5,000 jobs directly for 5 years.
  • 80% of the work corresponds to civil works at the Dam and Power Station, modifications to National Route 145 and Provincial 226, relocation of Las Loicas Village and construction of transmission lines and electrical substations, while the electromechanical package represents 20% of the total of the project.
  • The dam will generate clean energy by contributing more than 880 GWh of energy per year to the National Interconnected System to supply more than 140,000 homes.
  • It will generate renewable energy that will prevent the emission of some 450,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.